Here at Las Vegas Color Printing we believe that business cards are one of the most important weapons  in a companies marketing arsenal. They have long been the primary tool for marketing your business when introducing yourself to someone new. Alarmingly, despite the vast variety of benefits that this simple tool provides, their importance is often underrated by business owners. Perhaps it is because business cards are often the least expensive weapon of a company’s marketing efforts. Las Vegas Color Screen Printing would like to impart upon you a better appreciation for your companies business cards, no matter how little the cost.  We will help them stand out from the competition and assist you in generating ideas to help you create or improve your current business cards.

What is a Business Card?

A standard size business card, is a 3.5" x 2" single piece of paper.  Las Vegas Color Printing would like you to think of these small paper advertisements as a mini billboard. Like a billboard, they help determine customer's first impression about you, your company, products, and services. They contain vital information about you such as your company name, contact information, and other details that will help a perspective customer differentiate you from the rest of the pack. Business cards are generally all that are left with a prospective customer when you leave.  So it is imperative that your business card is professional and touches on the key points that will increase your odds of gaining their business.

Multiple Contact Methods

Your business cards should always offer a multitude of ways for the perspective client to contact you. This includes information such as your work number, cell phone and/or direct phone numbers, extensions, email, and physical address. Besides your contact information, you want to remind prospective clients about what you do and what makes you unique. Keep in mind that when you are not around, or a customer doesn't remember exactly what you do, they are going to refer to your business card.  Once they glance at your business card, they will make a decision weather or not to move forward and contact you. If they like what they see, they will likely proceed.  Otherwise they halt..... and so will your chances of capturing a new lead or sale.

Be Careful with the Details

Although making clear who you are, what you do, and how to contact you is of the utmost importance on your business card, so it being to the point. Just like in good writing, if you can convey the same message with less words, then you should. A person who picks up your business card should know what industry you are in and what product or services they need you for. There is no need to  get into too much detail on you business card, that is what your website is for.
3 Key Attributes of a Business Card

A key point to be aware of when designing and printing your business cards is that business cards are a representation of yourself. Attributes such as color, card stock, and design influence the image of the company you work for and/or the services you provide. If this seems hard to take in, then I challenge you to take a stack of business cards, set them out in front of you, and look at the designs. Pick up the ones that you like, and feel the cards in your hands. More often than not, the ones that catch your eyes visually are also of higher quality then the ones left laid out in front of you. A few key features of a business card that determine the quality are:

  • Colors: There are a few factors that influence the color of your business card. The first being the difference between using in full color (4 color process) vs. printing your company's specific PMS (Pantone® Matching System) colors adhering strictly to the guileless of your branding kit. If you do not know what a PMS Color is and what the PMS colors are of your logo are, it is most likely because they do not apply to your company's branding policies. Also, different paper manufactures may offer the same thickness or weight of paper but with a slight color variation. If you are printing full color it is highly unlikely that you will see or ever notice a difference. If your branding guidelines define strict PMS colors, then you will may want to pay attention to what paper brightness, brand and stock you are currently printing on, this will help with consistency.
  • Paper Stock: A papers thickness makes an immediate impact on the recipient when held in their hand. There are many paper stocks that business cards can be printed on from 70lb stock to a thick 16pt card stock. If you are not familiar with paper thickness, please ask a representative to show you a variety of paper stocks so that you may make an informed decision. A business card printed at home, on an inkjet printer here in las vegas that has perforated edges says something much different than one professionally on a thick paper stock.
  • Design: It is important to make sure the images you place on your business card are of high enough resolution for proper quality. Make note that what is good for the web, is not necessarily good. If the image you use is too small, no matter where you get your cards printed, the business cards will not look professional. If you are designing the business card yourself, and you have not had it before, make sure you ask Las Vegas Color Printing to look at the file for any potential problems.

Despite their small stature, do not allow yourself to underrate the power of your company’s business card. We here at Las Vegas Color Printing strongly believe that a poorly designed business card may be reason enough for you not to get past first base with prospective clients. If you have questions about your business card design or business card printing, please consult Las Vegas Color Printing before wasting money on potentially ineffective business cards.