Carbonless is a biodegradable and stain free alternative to carbon paper here in las vegas, nv. It is actually pretty cool and has a lot going on that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Carbonless paper uses sheets of paper coated with micro-encapsulated dye and/or a reactive clay. In a standard carbonless paper setup, the back of the top sheet is coated with the dye and the sheet below is coated on the top surface with a clay that quickly reacts with the dye from the back of the top sheet. When the user writes on the top sheet it breaks the micro-capsules of dye. If there are multiple sheets (3-Part, 4-Part, etc.) in the set this order of dye and clay continues on touching surfaces and allows the written information to pass from sheet to sheet. Carbonless paper can be used with both the pressure from a writing instrument or dot-matrix and impact printers.

There has also been a specialized advancement in Carbonless paper allowing it to be self contained. This allows a user to write on standard bond paper and then have the information transferred to a self-contained carbonless form which contains both the dye and clay coating. Along with this advancement specialized form manufactures can also spot apply the coating to the paper as part of the printing process. This allows the paper to be only have the dye and clay in the areas which it needs to be allowing the user to choose which information transfers to lower pages. An example of this type of application is for security purposes, such as credit card information. You may only want to have the credit card information on the original copy and not on the customer copy or copies of the document meant for non-financial departments of your company.

Carbonless forms can come in a variety of sizes and options to customize it for the customers uses. These forms can be printed on in 1 or full color, be glued or perforated, come in a single sheet or packaged as 2-50 sheets in a booklet, and much more.

Factoid: Carbonless forms are also called NCR (No Carbon Required) which is a bacronym to the company which developed carbonless paper National Cash Register.