Here at Las Vegas Color Printing we believe that business cards are one of the most important weapons  in a companies marketing arsenal. They have long been the primary tool for marketing your business when introducing yourself to someone new. Alarmingly, despite the vast variety of benefits that this simple tool provides, their importance is often underrated by business owners. Perhaps it is because business cards are often the least expensive weapon of a company’s marketing efforts. Las Vegas Color Screen Printing would like to impart upon you a better appreciation for your companies business cards, no matter how little the cost.  We will help them stand out from the competition and assist you in generating ideas to help you create or improve your current business cards.

Vector vs. Raster LogoYour logo is the one piece of artwork that you use in every piece of marketing that your company does. It is displayed on your company website, email footer, postcards, business card, postcards, and other brand materials. So, why do some many companies not have a high quality copy of their logo stored on a disc in a safe place?

You don’t have to have a degree in computer science or digital communication to develop your own marketing materials these days. With the advances in graphic design applications here in Las Vegas Nevada, both in features and their intuitive nature, there is no surprise that more and more people are taking on the roll of graphic designer. To those of you that chose this road, I applaud you.