26th Jun 2023

What is Safety Space?

Also known as, the "Safe Zone" 

Safety Space in regards to printing is the area of your work where all important text or images are placed.

If you read our article “What is a Bleed?” then the simple answer is, the opposite. Just like a bleed is created to ensure that no unprinted edges show on the outside edge of piece, safety space is there to protect the content of your printed piece and make sure that nothing important is cut off.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have text and images extend to the trim edge, but should only if you or okay with the possibility they may be cut off or that is the intention. Example: background images or design should absolutely extend past the safety space into the bleed if they are to go to the edge. But, important photos that can’t be cut off, or text such as content, phone numbers, address, etc. should stay within the safety space.

See the example below:

The safety space is to account for any movement during the printing or cutting stages of production. We recommend a 1/8” (.125”) safety space from the inside of the trim line where you don’t place any text or images. All of templates have the safety space listed as well as the trim line and bleed line for easy designing. We have template for each of our products in the template tab on the specific product page of our website. If you are printing a custom size that we don’t list on the website and would like us to create a template for you for that size, just let us know and we will get one designed for you.

We are here to help, please let us know if you have any questions.